HR Policies and Initiatives

Human Resource Policies
  • Apart from the statutory insurance coverage the employee is provided with an additional accidental insurance by the company.
  • Employees are paid one day extra salary for 100% attendance.
  • The company has been offering an festival incentive of two salaries to every employee including staff.
  • Interest free advances from its corpus provided for housing and medical emergencies.
  • The organization ensures safe & good working environment for its employees.

Human Resource Initiatives
  • Operators are recognized for least rejections & least downtime achieved with an certificate and cash prize once in every quarter.
  • Employees are felicitated with cash & certificate in the annual family get together. For Good behavior, taking up new responsibilities, productivity, least rejections.
  • Children of employees felicitated for academic performance.
  • 25% of the annual savings are paid back to the team for an successfull implementation of Kaizen thru KRANTI scheme.
  • Apart from statutory insurance and additional accidental insurance provided to every employee.