Team Bunts

Mr. P K .Shetty

Mr. P K .Shetty is the founder and manages financial aspects & administration. He has an experience of over 40 years in the field of manufacturing precision components.

Mr. Santosh Shetty

Mr. Santosh Shetty is One of the Directors of the Organization. After graduating from the Mechanical Engineering stream joined the family business in the year 1994 and has been associated since with Bunts. He is responsible for a Business Development & QMS.

Mr. Satish Shetty

Mr. Satish Shetty is One of the Directors of the Organization is also an technocrat and is with the BUNTS since 1996. Apart from co ordination of production he facilitates implementation of statutory & legal requirements.

Bunts Core Team
Mr. Satish Yadav

Mr. Satish Yadav is General Manager operations for the group companies. He is responsible for all Operational Decisions of both the Plants. He takes all Functional Decisions in case of absence of any of the Directors. He monitors deliveries and does downtime analysis. He has been with Bunts for 13 years and leads the entire operations team.

Mr. Santosh Ekhande

Mr. Santosh Ekhande is the Assistant General Manager. He is responsible for Compliance of Quality, Environmental and Safety Management Systems for the group companies. He also handles the Responsibility as a Management Representative. He monitors internal and customer rejections. He is with Bunts for 10 years and has an Overall exposure of 14 years in Quality Assurance Department.

Mr. Suresh Ghosalkar

Mr. Suresh Ghosalkar is the Senior Manager (Works) responsible for the execution of the production planning and hence a key person in the operations team. He is responsible for Employee Work allocation & improvement in Manufacturing for Both the Plants. He is associated with Bunts for last 30 years and plays a key role in understanding employees needs & expectations and conveys the same to the management.

Mr. J Kannan

Mr. J Kannan is the Senior Manager (CNC Operations). He is Responsible for all Operational Decisions & Improvements OF CNC and VMC Department for Both the Plants He has been working with Bunts for about 8 years. He has an exposure of over 18 years in CNC & VMC programming prior to joining Bunts. Apart from VMC operations he has taken up the responsibility of providing knowledge based training for all CNC operators.

Mr. Eknath Pathak

Mr. Eknath Pathak is Senior Manager (Accounts & Administration) has been working in Bunts for about 4 year and has an total exposure of about 39 years in the related field. He leads his team to deliver every activity related to companies finances, statutory payments, employee related payments and prepares project reports He coordinates with the CA for all tax related audits.

Mr. Jitendra Nagar

Mr. Jitendra Nagar is the Quality Assurance Manager. He is Responsible for all For Execution and Compliance of Quality Control of Both the Plants & monitors the Daily activities. He has been working with Bunts for about 6 years. He has an exposure of over 08 years in Quality Assurance.